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Split Debate

by Darkovika

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Searching through pictures of a better time When smiles meant more than just a useless disguise But in my darkness I can hear the silence Slowly penetrating through the static of my thoughts Oh yeah I'm falling (x4) The Berlin Wall couldn't have seemed smaller My gaze that used to be bright is gone, it's gone No hand to hold to And my useless heart words Getting lost in the crowd of grinning demons and beasts Oh yeah I'm falling With glass shattered at my feet An empty house I'm falling again I'm falling Into black flames again The endless cycle of wanting to hold on to What is mine, what is mine I'm falling (x2) With wolves at my feet
ILYSM 04:48
You say there's nothing you could do To make me see what I have done for you Well that's not true Just take a seat And let me say If not for all of you There would be no today Chorus: I want to say To all of you Pass it down From him to me to you I Love You So Much All my life I've played my games Escaped the fears that I had, well Not much has changed I can't believe We've come so far I never guessed That we might save the world [Chorus] All those fears I never knew what I could do Imagine that All that pain and fear Just bottled up inside I had no way to let it out No place to go, no woods to see I wanted Games, that was my dream Or maybe not, what should I do? I was so lost Inside my head But now I see That it was all for... You [Chorus] I want to say to all of you I want to share with you my dreams I want to share with you my hopes I want to pass to you my dreams I want to say to all of you I want to pass it down [Chorus]
Dreams 01:30
(Solo Piano Instrumental)
You spent your time coming up to me saying you love me while you held your hand in mine Then out of nowhere you come rushing crying and screaming saying you're sorry that you wasted my time I had a feeling from the beginning, something I couldn't explain. I had a sense that you weren't fully here with me. I didn't think that I could trust you, And I hate it when I'm right. Just for once could you say that you'd be there for me once I have opened my eyes. And just for once when I ask you why you're leaving I don't wanna hear another stupid lie. I had a feeling from the beginning, something I couldn't explain. I had a sense that you weren't fully here with me. I didn't think that I could trust you, And I hate it when I'm right. I hate it when I'm right.
While I've been in school I've never been a popular guy Just minding my own business but keeping my head high And just because I'm different you think that gives you a reason to lie I know you've lost your pride, but unlike you I've still got mine Why would you try (x4) To take me down again now say “goodbye” I've come this far and you feel threatened by my reach I'm not very violent and I never try to preach But all along I know it's me you're trying to teach But I don't think there's anything I could learn from a leech Why would you try (x4) To take me down again now say “goodbye”
I think I could fall in love with you, and I think that my heart would be safe with you But it's so hard when I am the only one trying and it sucks when my messages get no reply So here's the song that you will only hear one time because you'll only listen just once to tell me it's in my head. Then you'll kiss and disappear on me again and you'll come crawling after he has left you feeling sick and sad And I hate the hope in side and I hate wanting you and I hate this hope inside and I hate trying for you I'm sick of trying for you
Remembrance 03:15
(Solo Piano Instrumental)
Hey Yogscast Can you hear me I guess I haven't really changed at all You gave me more minecraft But where's that Israphel I still have no social life I've posted comments They all just look the same Never seeing what you do for me "Too much minecraft,” "I miss that Israphel" Don't you wish that I would let it go? If you want to, Take your time guys I can wait for your shenanigans Singing morning songs, Run from zombies, That's a very nice Everything you've got there The old Yogscast is here But my, how you have grown So many new faces to the old crew I never really cared, You guys are still the same Rocking out and playing video games. [Chorus] Every day now, I watch from the start With such memories, they're deep in my heart [ooooo] Watch again now, Here Israphel comes With arrows from way up above Watch out for dangerous traps They'll send you straight to Hell Where you'll send greetings, "From here, with Israphel" [Chorus] I love you dearly, I want the world to see My name is "Dave! Yognau(gh)t!"


The "Split Debate" album is the brainchild of Darkovika (YouTuber on gaming channel) and Bate (folk punk duo). This album is full of vocal harmonies, acoustic licks, driving percussion and bitter-sweet lyrics.

However, the concept of the "Split Debate" album was not planned from the start. Bate was a simple acoustic guitar singer-songwriter duo, Nate Filichia and Brett-Bit. They had plenty of songs to start recording and performing live (which they did at the House of Blues in Hollywood) so Nate's first thought was to contact producer Art Bertik Marquez of Entelodon Records.

Nate and Brett would visit Art for months squeezing in recording sessions between conflicting schedules, day jobs, junior college and more. After many of the songs were "finished" (or so they thought) the idea came up to take advantage of Brett being an awesome pianist. So here and there, sprinkles of piano were added tastefully to their sweet songs about heartbreak. They even invited their friend Darkovika to throw down a couple violin tracks here and here. It is apparent in hindsight that the idea of orchestrating and adding other instruments was a gradual subconscious process.

"If you ever need bass tracks Brett is a sick bassist" Nate told Art who was immediately thinking of an excuse to get Brett to play and record on something. But what? Art, who was producing and juggling a plate full and a half of bands, artists, projects, EPs, demos, etc., figured there's no doubt Brett's bass playing would be needed. What about Bate? Art suggested that in a future Bate release perhaps bass and percussion could be incorporated. Reluctant, Bate wanted to stay an acoustic duo and keep the songs lean and raw.

Bate performed their first show in ages at the House of Blues in Hollywood, with Darkovika playing her violin parts for a couple of the songs, which everyone loved. They even gave away a 4-track demo EP of the most put-together songs. The live experience as a live trio unlocked Bate's hesitation of fleshing out the Bate songs with more instruments and flavors.

Now here we are.


released December 11, 2015

BATE the Folk-Punk Duo:
Nate Filichia - Vocals, Guitars, Kazoo
Brett Thomas - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Piano

DARKOVIKA the YouTuber:
Monica Prunier - Vocals, Guitars, Violin, Cello, Piano
Subscribe to her YouTube channel! www.youtube.com/user/Darkovika

“ILYSM”, “DREAMS”*, “REMEMBRANCE”* and “REBOOT: HEY YOGSCAST!”** music and lyrics by Darkovika.
*Coproduced by Atom Smith at Hydraulic Klownhead Studios
**Additional guitars and vocals by BATE.

“FALLING”, “I HATE IT WHEN I’M RIGHT”, “TAKE ME DOWN”, “SICK OF IT” *** music and lyrics by BATE.
*** Violin, Backing Vocals by Darkovika.

Percussion performed and produced by special guest star Wes Hall (Burning Jet Black / Groamville / Billie Jack) on “FALLING”, “SICK OF IT”, “I HATE IT WHEN I’M RIGHT”, “TAKE ME DOWN” and “HEY YOGSCAST”

Recorded and Mixed by Art Bertik Marquez at Entelodon Studios.
Mastered by Augustine Ortiz at Ortiz Audio Studios - www.ortizaudio.net
Artwork and Layout by Racknar Teyssier-Marquez (RTM!)
Special thanks to Gregg Lea and Darth Tate

Produced by Art Bertik Marquez

All Songs Published by DISPERCHA MUSIC (ASCAP).



all rights reserved



Darkovika Los Angeles, California

A musician of youtube, who's sole mission is to bring fun and excitement to as many as possible. A true fan of any and everything, this nerd's dream is to use her music to share that love with the world.

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